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Welcome to iFixOmaha!

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iFixOmaha | Review us and save!

Up to $20 off

Review us on Yelp, Facebook and/or Google+ when picking up your device.  Show us and get $10 off for the first review and $5 off for any additional review.  Up to $20 off any Apple screen replacement.  Cannot be applied with any other special, coupon or discount.

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We repair Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy devices, LG phones and more.



iFixOmaha is located in Midtown Omaha at 77th and Cass Streets.  Give us a call or stop by.  Most repairs take less than an hour.  All parts and labor come with a lifetime warranty.

Our office hours are:

9a - 6p M-F | 10a - 2p Sat | Closed Sun


What's New: